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HH-608RLK-Laser300: Revolutionizing Edge Banding with HUAHUA’s Automatic Bander Machine

HUAHUA, a leading provider of woodworking machinery, presents the HH-608RLK-Laser300, an advanced automatic bander machine that revolutionizes edge banding processes. Packed with innovative features, this machine offers efficient edge banding, double gluing options (EVA/PUR glue), double rail end cutting, four-corner rounding, off-cut, and double buffing capabilities. With the HH-608RLK-Laser300, woodworking businesses can achieve exceptional edge banding results with ease and precision.


Laser Transmitter for Enhanced Efficiency

The HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine by HUAHUA features a laser transmitter that revolutionizes edge banding operations. The edge band used in this machine is pre-coated with glue, which is activated by the laser. This eliminates the need for glue replacement, saving valuable time and improving productivity. With the laser transmitter, woodworking businesses can achieve seamless and precise edge banding, resulting in a high-quality finish and improved efficiency.

21.5-Inch Large Computer Screen for Enhanced Human-Computer Interaction

HUAHUA’s HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine comes equipped with a 21.5-inch large computer screen, enhancing the human-computer interaction experience. The large screen provides a spacious field of view, making the interface clearer and easier to navigate. Operators can easily operate and use the machine, thanks to the user-friendly interface displayed on the large screen. This simplifies the workflow, reduces errors, and improves overall efficiency in edge banding operations.

Remote Control and Efficient After-Sales Processing

The HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine offers remote control capabilities, allowing operators to monitor and control the machine from a distance. This feature enables businesses to remotely monitor the working status of the machine, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime. Additionally, remote control facilitates efficient after-sales processing, as technicians can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any issues, leading to quicker resolution and reduced downtime. HUAHUA’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the convenience and speed of their after-sales support.


The HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine by HUAHUA is a game-changer in the woodworking industry. With its laser transmitter for efficient edge banding, 21.5-inch large computer screen for enhanced human-computer interaction, and remote control capabilities for efficient after-sales processing, this machine offers woodworking businesses a comprehensive edge banding solution. Upgrade your edge banding processes today with the HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine, and experience the pinnacle of efficiency and precision in woodworking operations.

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