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Mini LED Moving Head Lights: Versatile Color Effects for Every Scene

When it comes to stage lighting, mini LED moving head lights offer versatility and creativity for various scenes. Light Sky is dedicated to providing high-quality mini-beam lights that meet the demands of every customer. If you’re in search of mini stage lights that deliver exceptional color effects, look no further. Contact our expert team today to explore the possibilities of our Mini Lunar moving head lights.

Captivating color effects

Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights are designed to create captivating color effects that enhance any performance. With a color wheel offering 14 colors, including open, bi-directional rotation, and a rainbow effect, these lights give lighting designers the freedom to create vibrant atmospheres and seamless color transitions. Whether you require warm tones or bold, saturated hues, the Mini Lunar lights have you covered, elevating your stage lighting to new heights.

Advanced features and control system

Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights boast a range of advanced features and a versatile control system. Equipped with a high-quality USHIO NSL 301 long-life lamp, these lights offer an average lifespan of 2000 hours, ensuring long-term usage. With a powerful beam output of 375,000 lux at 10 meters, they provide a strong visual impact on stage. The inclusion of an 8-facet prism, 24-face prism, and prism combination allows for stunning lighting patterns and effects. The motorized focus and adjustable wash effect angle enable precise control over the lighting output, while the pre-programmed random strobe and pulse effects add dynamic elements to your design.


Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights are the ideal solution for those seeking versatile and high-quality mini LED beam lights. With their captivating color effects, advanced features, and easy-to-use control system, these lights empower lighting designers to create unforgettable performances. Light Sky is committed to providing exceptional products that meet the needs of every customer. Contact our expert team today and discover the endless possibilities of our Mini Lunar series for your stage lighting requirements.

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