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Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System: Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind

Discover the innovative and reliable Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System designed to provide optimal security for your valuable two-wheelers. With over 30 years of experience, Steelmate is a trusted industry leader, dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge automotive safety electronics solutions. Read on to explore the unrivaled advantages of the steel mate motorcycle alarm system.

Unparalleled Security Solutions

Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System  is engineered with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the highest level of security for your motorcycle. From discouraging potential thieves to detecting unauthorized access, this advanced system actively protects your vehicle and its valuable contents.

Advanced Alarm Features

Equipped with intelligent sensors, the Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System offers an array of alerts including impact, movement, and engine start detection. This comprehensive alarm system keeps your motorcycle safe by immediately notifying you of any suspicious activities, giving you peace of mind both day and night.

Refined Manufacturing Process

Steel Mate’s commitment to excellence is evident in its intelligent manufacturing centers equipped with advanced production lines. By integrating German and Japanese automated equipment, Steel Mate guarantees the conformity of product quality and ensures timely delivery. With a manufacturing capacity of 4.5 million ultrasonic sensors annually, you can rely on Steel Mate for consistent and reliable products.

Cutting-Edge R&D Capabilities

With a strong focus on research and development, Steel Mate has obtained numerous invention and utility model patents. The company’s dedication to innovation is demonstrated through its use of 3D printing and X-Ray CT scanning, which significantly shortens the R&D cycle and enables faster delivery of top-quality products.

Rigorous Quality Control

Steel Mate follows standardized quality management practices based on the IATF16949 quality management system. The Steel Mate Testing Center, accredited by CNAS, conducts comprehensive testing according to ISO 17025 standards. Environmental tests, ESD tests, EMC tests (ISO 7637), high/low temperature tests, and rain tests ensure that Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System withstands various real-world scenarios.

Industry Recognition and Trust

With over 12 million sets sold, Steel Mate has established itself as a trusted brand in the motorcycle security industry. As a member of the drafting committee for the Chinese mandatory national standard for TPMS, Steel Mate’s expertise and reputation extend beyond its extensive product range.


When it comes to motorcycle security, the Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System stands out as a reliable and advanced solution. With its unparalleled security features, cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, rigorous quality control, and industry recognition, Steel Mate ensures the safety of your motorcycle while offering peace of mind for riders worldwide. Invest in the Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System today and experience the ultimate protection for your two-wheeled companion.

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