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Sunpower New Energy: Revolutionizing the Battery Industry with State-of-the-Art Technology

Sunpower New Energy, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Changhong Sunpower Co., Ltd., is a remarkable high-tech startup that is making waves in the lithium battery industry. With a substantial investment of over 6 billion yuan and a solid foundation laid down since its establishment in August 2014, Sunpower New Energy is emerging as a major player in the world of power lithium-ion batteries.

The Powerhouse of Innovation

Bearing the development concept of “advanced technology, excellent quality, and honest management,” Sunpower New Energy is at the forefront of research and development for various product series. This includes ternary lithium batteries, LFP batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and battery packs. Notably, the brand has pioneered 18650 sodium-ion batteries, making significant strides in the market of electrical tools and other industries.

Investments for a better future

In order to deliver products that will continue to satisfy the customers’ demands and make sure they retain a competitive edge in the market, Sunpower New energy has invested 50 million yuan into further research. In addition, they have quite a knowledge intensive staff, with Masters and Doctors accounting for over 30% of their employees. To top it off, they also boast an international team made up of professionals from Japan and South Korea.


Sunpower New Energy is a company that is shaking up the battery industry with cutting-edge technology. Sunpower’s technology has been very successful so far, and they continue to develop new ways to improve their products. Lithium battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy has the potential to revolutionize the way we use batteries, and their products are available now for purchase. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional energy sources, visit Sunpower New Energy today!

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