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Unleash Efficiency and Control with Bedford Electric’s VFD Controlled Pump

Bedford Electric, a prominent name in electric equipment, presents the B1100 Intelligent Constant Pressure Water Pump. This advanced VFD controlled pump offers superior performance and a wide range of functions to meet the diverse needs of users. With its intelligent constant pressure water supply, automatic sleep mode for unoccupied water use, and built-in fault alarms, the B1100 sets a new standard in efficiency and control.

Uninterrupted Constant Pressure Water Supply

The B1100 VFD controlled pump by Bedford Electric ensures an uninterrupted and constant pressure water supply. Its intelligent design automatically adjusts the pump speed to maintain a consistent water pressure regardless of variations in water demand. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, providing a seamless water supply experience and eliminating issues such as low or fluctuating water pressure.

Enhanced Functionality and Fault Detection

Bedford Electric’s B1100 VFD controlled pump also features an automatic sleep mode when water is not being used. This energy-saving feature ensures that the pump enters a sleep state when unoccupied, reducing power consumption and extending the lifespan of the system. Additionally, the pump incorporates high and low water pressure alarm functions, alerting users to any abnormalities in the water pressure levels. These built-in fault detection mechanisms enable timely maintenance, minimizing potential downtime and maximizing the reliability of the water supply system.


In conclusion, Bedford Electric’s B1100 VFD controlled pump combines performance, functionality, and control in one innovative solution. With its intelligent constant pressure water supply, automatic sleep mode, and fault detection capabilities, this pump delivers an optimized water supply experience. Experience efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind with Bedford Electric’s B1100 VFD controlled pump, setting a benchmark in the industry for superior performance and control.

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