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5 Ways Graphic Designers Can Make Money

Graphic design is one the most profitable creative industries. The industry’s value is USD14 million in the United States alone. Graphic designers have a lot of opportunities in this age of visuals ruling advertising, marketing and design.

Sketching logo by designer team in digital design studio on the computer, creative graphic drawings skills for marketing and branding

You have many opportunities to make money as a graphic designer. You can create logos, templates and illustrations, or design something unique like custom stickers, to make more money as a graphic artist.


As a graphic designer, freelancing can be a great way of making money. It’s possible to work part-time, or full-time. This is a great option if you want a job that allows you to be your boss.

Many graphic designers are freelance. They don’t have regular jobs. They may specialize in one type or another of design and then offer their services to clients at an hourly rate, or on a project basis.

Design Partnership

Graphic designers don’t have to be an isolated entity. As a graphic designer, you can make money by joining a design partnership with other artists.

A design partnership is exactly what it sounds like: two or more designers work together on projects. This partnership can be either ad-hoc, or it can last a lifetime depending on the needs of the partners.

Design partnerships are a great way for veterans and newbies to share their expertise and get experience working together with clients. They also have the opportunity to network with professionals from their industry, which can help them make connections that could be beneficial later.

A design co-op is another form of this. A design cooperative is a group that consists of freelancers working together to share their resources and tools. If you are looking for a logo design professional, you can create a job posting on the co-op website. Then, designers will be invited to bid on your project. The hourly rate or completion of the project will determine the amount of time the winning bidder is paid.

Start Your Design Agency

You must be able to do what you do well and have a good reputation within your field to help you launch your design agency. This is a great way to build your reputation as a graphic designer. It also gives you the opportunity to mentor and employ other designers.

A solid client base is essential, as well as the ability to handle more projects than you can handle. This will ensure that if one client leaves or fails to pay on time, another can take over. You can also hire motion designers, copywriters and video editors to provide graphic design services. This will enable you to provide a wide range of services to your clients.

Vector Art

As a graphic designer, selling vector art can be a great way of making money. Your illustrations, vector art and templates can be sold on many online marketplaces. It’s also a smart idea to create your own website. You get 100% of the profit and not have it split with other sites.

You can sell images from a blog that has a lot of traffic. You could also do the same with emails or newsletters. Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook are another way to market vector art.

Hosting Webinars and Workshops

Graphic designers can also benefit from hosting workshops. Workshops can be similar to webinars, in that they are live events broadcast over the Internet. This type of event does not require a large audience to be successful. You could host a workshop to help attendees learn specific topics such as how to create business cards, or how to design a logo for their website.

These events will help you build your business by showing people behind the scenes of your company and giving them valuable insight into how to run a successful company. The event can be attended by a fee. However, the goal is to increase future sales through the connections made during webinars and workshops.


These ideas are hopefully helpful and will inspire you to discover your own way to make money designing. Graphic designers have many options for monetizing their skills, whether it’s creating logos for small businesses or utilizing your creative talents in new ways.

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