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APT Medical’s Braidin™ Introducer Kit: Empowering Transradial Procedures with Enhanced Access Sheath

In the realm of interventional cardiology procedures, transradial access has gained significant popularity due to its associated benefits. APT Medical, a leading medical device company, introduces the Braidin™ Introducer Kit, a excellent solution designed to optimize transradial procedures. With its metal mesh braided structure, thinner wall design, and a range of sizes and specifications, this access sheath empowers medical professionals to achieve smoother and more successful transradial interventions. Let’s delve into the features and advantages of the Braidin™ Introducer Kit.

Optimal Kink Resistance for Uninterrupted Procedures

The Braidin™ Introducer Kit features a metal mesh braided structure, providing exceptional kink resistance. This innovative design ensures the sheath maintains integrity, even in challenging anatomical situations. By preventing kinks and maintaining a small outer diameter, the Braidin™ access sheath enables smooth and fast access during transradial procedures.

Enhanced Patient Comfort and Safety

With a thinner wall and smaller outer diameter design, the Braidin™ Introducer Kit prioritizes patient comfort and safety. The thin wall construction reduces the sheath’s outer diameter, minimizing patient discomfort and pain. By prioritizing patient well-being, APT Medical empowers medical professionals to deliver a better patient experience during transradial interventions.

Streamlined Insertion Process for Improved Safety

The Braidin™ Introducer Kit offers a smooth and easy insertion process, promoting procedural safety. Its smooth, tapered transition reduces puncture resistance and the incidence of complications. Additionally, the distal hydrophilic coating enhances the sheath’s smoothness, further facilitating insertion and minimizing patient discomfort.

Comprehensive Range of Sizes and Specifications

The Braidin™ Introducer Kit provides a full range of sizes and specifications to cater to diverse patient needs. With over 88 sizes available, ranging from 4F to 24F, and variable sheath lengths from 7cm to 25cm, medical professionals can select the most suitable option for each patient, ensuring optimal procedural outcomes.


With APT Medical’s Braidin™ Introducer Kit, transradial procedures enter a new era of excellence. This advanced access sheath, featuring optimal kink resistance, enhanced patient comfort, and a comprehensive range of sizes, empowers medical professionals to perform successful and smooth transradial interventions. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation and patient-centric design continues to shape the field of transradial procedures, ensuring improved outcomes and a superior patient experience.

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