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Canada’s Small Business Financing Options

Are you thinking of opening your own Canadian business? These financing options include Incubators, Crowdfunding and Asset-based lending. Canada has many financing options for entrepreneurs. Make sure you thoroughly research all options. Funding issues don’t have to stop a great business idea from being realized. It can reap the benefits of a solid business strategy.


Startup incubators are a great way to help entrepreneurs who have limited resources launch their business. They can provide office space, laboratories, as well as administrative, technical, or logistical support. Incubators may also be focused on economic revitalization or job creation. Before choosing a financing option, entrepreneurs should look at all options. BDC can help entrepreneurs find incubators that are suitable for their industry. This is a great place to begin.

Incubators require applicants to submit a business plan, as well as a disclosure of all business activities. Incubators usually require a commitment of one to two years. They also have a busy schedule that can include workshops and trainings. Although they may charge a market-based fee, incubators are often willing to share equity. After acceptance, startups can access the resources and coworking space of the incubator free of charge or at a reduced price.

Asset-based borrowing

Although banks may not place the same importance on small businesses that are rapidly growing, asset-based lending can be a great option for you to get the financing you need to expand. The lender is less likely to default on these loans than with traditional unsecured loans. These loans are secured by the assets of your business. These loans are typically more expensive than unsecured loans but have a lower interest rate.

A term loan is more expensive than an asset-based loan. The APR of an asset-based loan is usually between seven and seventeen percent. However, this could vary depending on your particular circumstances. An appraisal fee may be required. The type of asset and the lender may differ from what you pay will determine how much this fee. For example, accounts receivables are easy to appraise while machinery and real estate require a site visit. It is essential to know how your business finances work and what assets you have. Although balance sheets can be a good starting point, lenders will want to see your most recent financial statements in order to accurately assess your assets.


Canada is seeing more entrepreneurs looking for funding alternatives to traditional banks and credit cards advances. Crowd funding is a new way for entrepreneurs to seek out money online from other members in return for ownership shares or the chance to contribute. Canadian Securities Administrators require all investors to have accredited investor status. However, recently approved rules allow retail investors to participate.

There are two main types of crowdfunding: donation-based crowdfunding or debt-based crowdfunding. Donation-based crowdfunding is where people make small investments with no expectation of getting anything in return. Most crowdfunding platforms work on a donation-basis. The goal is to help the business grow. However, debt-based crowdfunding requires that people invest in the company and repay it with interest.

Small business loans

A business loan allows an individual or company financing the operation of a business. The loan amount may range from $5,000 to $5 million. It is repayable in monthly installments over a period of five to twenty years. Online lenders and financial institutions can provide these loans. While many online lenders provide prequalification, large banks might require that you visit a branch. Lenders have different requirements for business loans. Some lenders require lengthy lists of documents while others do not. If you feel it is right for your business, you can learn more about Merchant Growth Small Business Financing and apply for it.

Canada has some sources of small-business loans that give preference to women entrepreneurs. Many government agencies and non-profit organizations offer funding for business, but women are often given priority. The Alberta Women Entrepreneurs program offers workshops and networking opportunities for women-owned businesses. Despite the fact that women are subject to higher lending criteria than men in Canada, they might still be eligible for small-business loans. Although there are many other options for small business loans in Canada that are available, most of them are geared towards women.

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