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Experience the Future of Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters with Shenling

Shenling is a leading manufacturer in the HVAC industry, known for its innovative and energy-efficient products. With a commitment to sustainability, Shenling has developed the Polestar EVI Series commercial heat pump water heater to meet the increasing demand for high-performance heating solutions in commercial settings.

Operating in Extreme Conditions

The Polestar EVI series commercial heat pump water heater is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, including as low as -26℃ ambient temperature. This makes it an ideal choice for you operating in cold climates, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions. Additionally, it can produce outlet water temperatures of up to 55℃, providing hot water on demand for various commercial applications.

Energy Efficiency and Customizable Output

One of the standout features of the Polestar EVI series is its exceptional energy efficiency. With a Class-1 energy efficiency rating that exceeds national standards, this heat pump water heater helps you reduce carbon footprint while saving on energy costs. Moreover, its advanced technology allows for precise output control at different load conditions, resulting in even lower overall system energy consumption.


As a Warsaw and ISH HVAC Expo exhibitor, Shenling continues to push the boundaries of innovation in commercial air to water heat pump technology. The Polestar EVI Series commercial heat pump water heater stands out for its ability to operate in low ambient temperatures, high energy efficiency, quick defrosting mechanism, and low noise operation. By choosing Shenling’s Polestar EVI series, you can enjoy reliable and sustainable hot water solutions, even in the most demanding commercial environments.

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