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Fibercan’s TopHub Outdoor Enclosure: Unleashing the Power of Secure Fiber Termination

As the demand for reliable and high-speed fiber optic connectivity continues to rise, Fibercan introduces its cutting-edge TopHub Outdoor Enclosure. This versatile closure offers multiple installation options and provides a safe and efficient solution for protecting and connecting fibers in outdoor environments. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of Fibercan’s outdoor fiber termination box, highlighting its robust construction, ease of use, and superior protection capabilities.

Robust Construction for Extreme Environments

The TopHub Outdoor Enclosure is engineered with reinforced plastic that exhibits exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. This sturdy construction ensures the enclosure’s durability, making it suitable for deployment in even the harshest outdoor conditions. The closure’s mature structure, reliable sealing, and ease of construction simplify the installation process and guarantee long-lasting performance.

Secure Fiber Storage and Customization

Fibercan’s enclosure allows for organized storage of connectors and fibers, maintaining proper order and ensuring easy accessibility when needed. The number of splicing trays can be adjusted based on the specific fiber requirements, providing flexibility for different project sizes. By accommodating varying fiber counts, the enclosure facilitates streamlined fiber management and promotes efficient network maintenance and expansion.


Fibercan’s TopHub Outdoor Enclosure sets a new standard for outdoor fiber termination solutions. With its robust construction, customizable fiber storage, enhanced protection features, and flexible installation options, this enclosure offers unparalleled reliability and convenience. Whether deployed in aerial, underground, or wall-mounted setups, Fibercan’s outdoor fiber termination box ensures secure connections and optimal performance in any outdoor environment. By choosing Fibercan, customers gain access to cutting-edge technology that simplifies fiber management while delivering exceptional quality and peace of mind.

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