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Introducing Benco – The Reliable Mobile Phone and Accessories Brand

If you’re looking for a reliable mobile phone that comes with quality and durability, Benco is the brand for you. Benco is a global mobile phone and accessories brand that provides customers worldwide with reliable, quality products and services at honest prices.

Who is Benco?

Benco is an independent mobile phone brand of Inone Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., with over a decade of experience in mobile phone development, manufacturing, and sales in more than 28 countries and regions. This translates to serving more than 60 million enthusiastic users since 2009. The brand aims to provide practicality in terms of mobile phones, and high-quality products and services at reasonable rates.

Benco Phones

As mentioned earlier, Benco phone includes smartphones and feature phones. Their smartphones consist of three major product lines: V Series, Y Series, and iris Series.

  • V Series: This series includes high-specification phones that cater to individuals who demand performance. These phones come with larger batteries, better cameras, and powerful processors.
  • Y Series: These are mid-range smartphones, usually preferred by budget-conscious clients. They have hardy batteries, decent processors, and cameras to cover most day-to-day needs.

iris Series: The iris Series offers budget-favorable options while covering the necessary features. It’s a perfect solution for those who want a decent smartphone but can’t stretch their budgets beyond a certain price point.

In addition to these smartphones, functional machines are divided into P series, E series, and C series, ensuring there’s a device for everyone.

Benco Accessories

Benco also offers a range of accessories such as earphones, chargers, screen protectors, etc. They are designed to complement your Benco mobile phone, offering various options based on individual preferences.


In conclusion, if you’re after a reliable mobile phone or accessory, Benco is worth considering. The brand has over a decade of experience in the field and a complete mobile phone production and sales supply chain, ensuring quality products and services at a reasonable rate. Whether you want high-end smartphones or budget-friendly options, Benco has it all.

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