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Revealing 05 Tips for Accurate White Lottery Prediction from Experts

Predict the white lottery numbers  To numerical method attracts attention from many bettors. Interesting gameplay brings dramatic moments because you only need to choose a single pair of numbers scoop for that day. If you want to experience the lottery, don’t bGo through this article!

Advantages/disadvantages of white lottery prediction

Before deciding whether to choose the lottery method, you need to consider the pros and cons. Let’s analyze the characteristics of this form of entertainment!


  • Predict the white lottery numbers will choose one number so it does not require too much capital compared to other methods.
  • The reward received when winning is huge.
  • You don’t need too much experience, skill and knowledge to choose a lucky pair of numbers.
  • Minimize risks to the best level.


  • There is no backup lottery, so there is a possibility of losing everything if capital management is ineffective.
  • The probability of winning is low, only 1/100. Because you only choose one number, luck has a big influence.
  • Not suitable for bettors who love stability and safety.

Summary of extremely accurate way to predict Bach Thu lottery numbers

If you only rely on luck to winBach Thu lottery predictionSurely the probability of winning is extremely low. Therefore, to increase your number selection efficiency, you should pocket a few of the following tricks:

Examining the lotus number using the canarium method

The diamond pattern very rarely appears in the XS results table. However, if they come back, the possibility of winning is very high. According to this way of playing, you just need to take the time to observe the lottery results table in the last few days. If any 3 consecutive prizes appear and the combination is of the form A, BAB, A, then bet on the BA pair immediately.

For example: Prizes 5, 6, 7 arranged in a row will be:




According to observations, these 3 solutions create a diamond pattern. So you just need to bet on the number 54 for the next 3 consecutive days.

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Apply the method of scanning based on the mute head

With this lottery prediction method, check the statistical table of XS results to see if any dumb players have appeared. After that, check for the next 2 days to see if the dumb head’s double is zero. If you don’t see them, feed them for the next 4 days.

For example: You discover dumb end 6 in the results table. Then wait 2 days to see if pair 66 comes back. If it still hasn’t exploded on the 3rd day, hit it for the next 4 days.

Check the lottery numbers with the mute tail

The application method is similar to divination with a dumb head. With this strategy, check the tail and see which number is silent. If they haven’t come back for a long time and their pair doesn’t appear, keep raising them for 4 days.

For example: You find a mute 5, wait 2 days but the 55 pair does not explode. After the 3rd day it still doesn’t appear, then bet 55 for the next 4 days.

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Examine the white hand according to the missing angle

Tactic Bach Thu lottery prediction shared by many bettors because it brings very high efficiency. With this method, you only need to check the 3rd and 5th prizes in the lottery results table. Bettors should observe the recommended position and choose the most suitable lucky number.

For example: The results of solving 3.2 and 3.3 are:



Everyone can see that 3 of the 4 corners are the number 3 and the remaining corner is 6. So the number with the highest probability of coming up is 36.

Prediction using Pascal’s method

The scanning method is simple and very suitable for new recruits. To apply, combine the special prize and the first prize into a series of numbers. Then add up the pairs that are not close to each other. Stop when there’s only 1 pair left and pick them up for the next day.

A small note to remember when looking at the Bach Thu lottery

Besides understanding the methods Bach Thu lottery prediction above, to achieve the best results you need to note a few things:

  • Plan to manage capital effectively before participating in the lottery. Avoid playing all-in with 1-number lottery to avoid losing your entire pocket after just one day.
  • You should not keep a pair of lottery numbers for too long. According to experts, the most appropriate number of days for a number is 3 – 5. If you exceed that milestone, you should stop to preserve your capital.
  • Many methods can be applied at the same time to choose lucky lottery pairs.
  • Choose a reputable lottery screening address to ensure the safety of your rights. You should consult experienced players and gain more experience from them.

The article shared tips Bach Thu lottery prediction the most effective. Hope everyone will choose their lucky numbers when playing this sport. Don’t forget to follow us to update more lessons on numerical reasoning!

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