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Elevate Mining Operations with Techking’s ETD2 Mining Tire

Techking Tires Limited, a dedicated pioneer in the mining and construction industry, is committed to transforming mining operations with their exceptional range of tires. With a focus on specific applications, integrated product research and development, quality control, and brand operation, Techking aims to establish itself as a leading mining and construction tire brand. Among their impressive lineup, the ETD2 mining tire takes center stage, offering unmatched performance and reliability for mining operations worldwide.

Enhancing Efficiency from Start to Finish:

Techking’s ETD2 is designed to optimize mining operations and enhance efficiency. Through their “SRETO” process, Techking ensures that the right tire solution is recommended for each specific application, helping end users reduce the total cost of ownership and improve operational efficiency. By providing the perfect tire match, Techking ensures that mining operations can run smoothly, with minimal disruptions and maximum productivity.

Partnering for Success:

Techking goes beyond the sale of their mining tires, offering comprehensive on-site services and tire data tracking to their partners. Sales representatives and engineers regularly visit partners to provide support and guidance in tire management, enabling partners to maximize the performance and longevity of their tires. This partnership approach strengthens the overall tire management capability, ensuring optimal performance and value throughout the tire’s life cycle.

Unmatched Heat Releasing Performance:

Techking’s ETD2 mining tire sets new standards in heat releasing performance, ensuring optimal tire life and efficiency. The tire features a deeper original tread depth design, reducing heat build-up during operation. This innovative design minimizes the risk of tire damage caused by excessive heat, increasing the tire’s overall lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. With the ETD2 mining tire, operators can confidently tackle demanding mining conditions while maintaining superior heat management.

Unrivaled Performance in Various Road Conditions:

Techking’s ETD2 mining tire is engineered with a traction pattern design that delivers exceptional performance across various road conditions. The tire’s advanced traction pattern ensures superior grip and stability, enabling operators to navigate challenging terrains with ease. Whether it’s loose gravel or rugged terrain, the ETD2 mining tire provides the necessary traction and control, ensuring safe and efficient mining operations.


Techking’s mining tire demonstrates their unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the mining industry. With its superior heat releasing performance, advanced traction pattern, and comprehensive support services, the ETD2 tire empowers mining operators to elevate their operations to new heights. Techking’s dedication to providing high-quality mining tires, combined with their customer-centric approach and focus on partnership, sets them apart as a trusted tire brand. Choose Techking’s mining tire for unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency in your mining operations. Trust Techking to drive your success in the mining industry.

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