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How to Read the Over/Under Table 99.9% Correctly Beginners Should Know

Tai Xiu is an attractive betting game with simple rules and high winning rate. However, to be sure of winning, bettors need to know how to predict Over/Under bridge table exactly. Together New88 Find out details about how to bet on Over/Under in the following article.
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What is the concept of the Tai Xiu bridge table?

The Over/Under betting game does not only rely on luck, players need to know bridge calculation skills to easily win. However, many bettors, especially new players, do not pay attention to this form of prediction. Most gamers believe that winning and losing Over/Under mostly depends on luck. However, this is a completely wrong concept.

Over/Under bridge table known as the statistical table of Over/Under bridges of games at each table. Here, players can easily see what the current odds are. From there, you can make inferences and bet on the next game.

According to the experience of many players, luck when playing only accounts for a small percentage of about 10%. Meanwhile, the correct technique of reading Over/Under odds will help players make a lot of money. Therefore, knowing how to read the Over/Under odds table is the deciding factor in winning or losing the game.

Top 4 ways to accurately read the Over/Under table

Understanding the role and meaning of the Over/Under table, you will easily find the rules and make more accurate decisions. Join New88 to learn in detail about how to read the bridge table that new players should know as follows:

Instructions for looking at the board according to the bridge

According to the statistics table of the Over/Under tables, you can easily observe and know the rhythm of each bet. In case the result is all Over or All Under, it is called a flat bet. In this case, bettors should bet big on the first games of the bridge. In the middle and end of the series, players should play evenly and reverse the bridge. Normally, the Over or Under bet lasts from 4-6 games.

Instructions for checking the board according to the Tai Xiu rhythm

In case, the bettor reads the Over/Under bridge table and sees 5 sessions (3-2), you should bet evenly if you do not know how the bet will return. Furthermore, you should not spend too much money on betting. Ideally, gamers should wait for the last session to understand the rules and spend more heavily on the next bet.

Instructions for checking the board according to line 1-1

In case you read the Over/Under table and see that the bet on line 101 is even, you should take advantage of it to make money. This bridge is similar to the flat bridge, bettors should bet big in the early stages. In the middle and last sessions, it is best to beat evenly. If you want to rush, you should play in the later stages of the bridge.

Instructions on how to check the board according to the island bridge

The reverse bridge is what many bettors fear the most when following another bridge. For this type of bridge, you need to time it right to ensure a big win rate. Of course, the chance of making a lot of money for bettors is up to 80 to 99%. You can understand it simply like: bridge 1-2-3, the last beat will coincide with the first beat. In case the last span coincides with the return bridge. After that, the bridge returns to counter-rhythm at which time you enter the premise of playing the next game.
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Things to note when looking at the Over/Under bridge table that you need to know

Having a firm grasp of the knowledge of Over/Under table prediction does not help you have a 100% chance of winning bets. Bettors should understand and know the following notes when viewing bets that New88 suggests:

  • Players should abandon the notion that small bridges are often more likely to break than large ones. According to experts, any bet has risks when betting and the winning rate is usually lower. Therefore, you should be alert and calculate accurately for any bet.
  • Dice rolling game portals often do not follow any rules. Therefore, bettors need to proactively prepare knowledge of the Over/Under bridge table. Furthermore, players should also diligently plan and practice to find their own rules.
  • If you want to break a bridge, it’s best to rely on calculation and not on emotions. Because every decision to make a bet will determine how much more or less your money will be.
  • Once players have mastered the knowledge of betting, they should place naturally. Because this makes you safer when playing. New players can simply understand that the ball is going to which door they should place according to that door. This helps you ensure a higher chance of winning than if you break the bet yourself.


Playing Tai Xiu never ceases to be hot and is always the betting game chosen by many people. With the sharing of New88 about reading Over/Under bridge table Hope it will help you guys when playing. Wish all bettors good luck and make a lot of money.

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